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Sian has over 20-years-experience working with children, young people and adults with profound disabilities and rare diseases across education and social care sectors. During her career, Sian has managed care teams, headed up a residential setting and led an after school club for children with disabilities. In her most recent role, Sian led a pastoral care team at a primary school supporting children and their families, providing support with EHCPs, therapies, funding and bereavement.
Sian has also worked as a specialist carer for young people with profound disabilities. “Being part of the family journey has given me a unique experience and I believe a better understanding in how to support families,” said Sian. “I feel passionate about supporting families and I am looking forward to working with you all.”
Sian lives in West Sussex her partner and two extremely naughty cats Belle and Scamp. In her spare time she enjoys exploring the countryside.
Contact Sian at or or on 07876712553

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