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Gail’s Story

“Jessica is living proof that early diagnosis and treatment can change the course of this dreadful disease” Sisters, Nicole and Jessica both have CLN2, and their mother, Gail Rich explains the importance of diagnosing and treating Batten disease early on.\…

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Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Ruth Williams’ Story

“We are not at the end of the journey yet… but compared with 30 years ago, it’s a whole new and brighter place to be” Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Ruth Williams, talks of the huge progress made from the 1980s to…

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Hannah’s Story

“Hannah was happier than any of us… and whether or not she was upset or scared, she never let it show. She was a really strong girl” Liv Batterbee, speaks of family life with her sister Hannah, who lived with…

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Auntie Em

Auntie Em, is aunt to Ollie, 9, and Amelia, 7, who both have late infantile Batten disease. She talks movingly in this video about the Aunt’s perspective. She talks of her “heart shattering” and the complex guilt family members can…

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Professor Of Pediatrics, Jonathan Cooper’s Story

“As a scientist I am meant to be logical, totally rational. But my work looking at Batten disease is undeniably emotional” Professor of Pediatrics, Genetics and Neurology, Jonathan Cooper tells his story about what led him to working in the…

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Joanna & James’ Story

“The whole family were heartbroken - the devastation, the loss of our children’s future as we had hoped it would be.” Pauline Docherty, who lost her children Joanna and James to CLN3, tells the story of how her journey led…

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Michal’s Story

“Michał showed that he wants to live and wants to fight despite everything.” Katarzyna Luc, mother of Michał, aged 5, with CLN2, and his siblings Magdelane and Oliwia, tells the story of their rollercoaster year since Michał’s diagnosis. We fight…

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Jack’s Story

“Three years down the line, and Jack’s grandad still cannot talk to anybody about it, he just breaks down hearing the words ‘Batten disease’” Jack’s grandmother gives her perspective on how his diagnosis of CLN2 has affected the entire family.…

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Sam’s Story

“The thing I underestimated the most was that I would have to learn to grieve for a child that was still alive” Natalie Evans, mother to Sam, aged 9, who has CLN3, and his two sisters Scarlett and Alice, tells…

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SeeAbility Nurse, Sarah Kenrick’ Story

“Each person I have met with Batten has given me an invaluable gift, the gift of knowledge of something so rare which I can use to help others” SeeAbility nurse, Sarah Kenrick, tells the story of her life’s work caring…

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