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Easter Themed Fundraising Ideas

Easter is a very exciting holiday, especially for children because it involves lots of chocolate and one of the fluffiest and loveliest animals: the bunny. This year Easter is celebrated on March 27, right at the beginning of Spring.

With Easter around the corner, the BDFA Fundraising team came up with 4 ideas to help you do a fun and creative Easter Fundraising event:

1. Easter Bunny

Have someone dress up as the Easter bunny and encourage people to take a picture with you for a small donation. Don’t forget to share your Easter Bunny Suit with us by using the hashtag #BeatrixBunny, either on Facebook or Twitter.

2. Easter Bakes

Involve your whole family in a fun and sometimes messy activity with Easter bakes: from bunny shaped cookies, make your own chocolate eggs, hot cross buns or an elaborate Easter cake. After you finish your masterpiece, you can sell them in a fundraising event coordinated by you or by someone you know for BDFA. Share your creations with us on Social Media by using the hashtag #BeatrixBunny.

3. Easter Egg Fundraisers

Put together a classic and fun Easter Egg Hunt in your garden or even in your office for kids and adults alike. We recommend you use lots of orange: orange eggs, orange clues, and even an orange ribbon for the winner J

Or you can coordinate a Decorated Easter Egg Competition. Use this opportunity to have an Easter party, where you can ask for small donations as ticket entries.

4. Easter Stall

Involve your friends and family in creating an Easter themed stall as the centre of your event to attract extra customers. You can include BDFA materials and if you need help, we are very happy to provide you with a BDFA bucket, leaflets and collection boxes. You can also include homemade goodies for selling such as: Easter bakes or Easter related gifts and decorations.

If you are stuck of ideas for location here are some tips:

  • In your back garden
  • A House/apartment party
  • At your children’s school
  • At the local community centre
  • In your office

To make a really great Easter Fundraising event you can choose at least two of the above fundraising ideas and combine them into a larger single event, such as an Easter fair. This way you will get more participation and raise more money.

Share with us your Easter Fundraising activity or even your preparations over the Social Media, by using the hashtag #BeatrixBunny.

If you have any questions or you need any help from us, please do not hesitate to contact Gaynor or Kate on 07876 682 589 or by email

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