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Beatrix, The BDFA Easter Bunny

Meet Beatrix the BDFA Easter Bunny, the newest member of the Batten Disease Family Association team. She is a digital bunny, so you can only meet her online. Beatrix is friends with Boris_the_bear and together they are raising awareness for Batten disease.

Beatrix the BDFA Easter Bunny is more active in Spring and loves chocolate and fluffy clouds.

This March, Beatrix is taking over our Social Media channels: Facebook and Twitter account and she is HOPing to raise £1500 by Easter (March 27) to help children affected by Batten disease.

Beatrix the BDFA Easter Bunny: “Hello everyone, my name is Beatrix. Thank you for choosing this beautiful name for me, I love it and I will cherish it always. It is an honour to help the Batten Disease Family Association and I will do my best to raise awareness. If you would like to help me raise £1500 by Easter, please go to my Justgiving page or share the link to my page over Social Media. Together we will make a difference.

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