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🧡 We are so pleased to share this update from the amazing Bertie’s Helpers!! 🧡

Bertie’s Helpers has now delivered 100 Tesco food deliveries, including good quality ready-meals, to families in the Battens community!

This includes to families whose child or children have been newly diagnosed with Batten Disease, families going through a particularly challenging time such as disease progression or increase in seizures, a hospital stay or moving into more suitable housing.

The aim is to lift some of the pressure off families and enable them to spend more precious time together, instead of having to think about food shopping, meal planning and cooking. We have also expanded our service to bereaved families and provide a special food delivery at the hardest time in their lives and also around the time of their child’s anniversary. We hope this lets families know we are thinking of them and provides a very small bit of comfort at a very difficult time.

‘It’s not very often I am lost for words but tonight I am. Just after our daughter’s diagnosis we were told we had been nominated by a wonderful lady for a Bertie’s Helpers food delivery. Mimi and her family lost their beautiful boy to Batten disease and in their loss they have created something truly amazing and they are such an inspiration. In the midst of the darkness of the last few weeks, the kindness of these people have totally restored my faith in people. I cannot thank you enough.’

Thank you SO MUCH to all our supporters who have made these special food deliveries possible, we couldn’t do it without you!If you would like to become a Bertie’s Helper and make a donation we would be really grateful!

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With all our thanks,

Mimi & Andrew

Bertie’s Helpers

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