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Please join us on Thursday 8th June (11.00 – 16.00) at the RVC, London, to find out more about the work of Dr Russell’s laboratory, including their work as part of the BATCure research project.

Dr Russell has great expertise in the use of zebrafish for disease modelling and drug discovery. As part of BATCure, she and the team at the RVC are involved in generating zebrafish which exhibit the hallmarks of Batten disease, together with Prof Rob Harvey and Dr Jason Rihel (both from UCL). These zebrafish models enable them to understand which processes go wrong in the disease and to screen for novel compounds with the potential to treat it.

This laboratory open day will focus on CLN2, CLN3, CLN6 and CLN7 Batten disease and is an opportunity to meet Dr Russell, Dr Harvey and the team, including Dr. Clinton Monfries pictured above. You will see first-hand the work that they do in the lab and hear about CLN2 research funded by the BDFA, on behalf of the Freeman family. Professor Sara Mole (BATCure Coordinator, UCL) and Heather Band (BDFA Scientific Officer) will also be presenting an update on the BATCure project.

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