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The BDFA is pleased to offer training to, educators and paid carers, over the next three dates. This is for professionals who work with children/young people and adults who have CLN 3 Batten Disease. Sarah Kenrick will be facilitating 3 sessions around CLN3 Batten Disease, last held in May 2022.

These 3 sessions are ideal for any professionals and paid care givers from education, health and social care, although the emphasis is CLN3, it is also appropriate for any later onset CLN where a child has a level of functional skill from 11-adulthood. Some of the course content will be relevant to other CLN’s who are active in their adolescence.

These sessions will be held on Zoom and you can sign up for these events via Event Bright on this link….

Sarah says ‘I am so excited at the prospect of supporting the knowledge and skill levels for people working with children and young adults with Batten, the last sessions were well received with great feedback and I have been asked many times to re-present these sessions to a new audience, please come along if you can, and I will help you build your virtual ‘tool box’ for Batten’‘I am also planning separate sessions for parents and family members, which I hope to put on later this year so families … Watch this space!’

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