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Joanne Nightingale

We hope you will join us in wishing a warm welcome to Dr Joanne Nightingale as our new BDFA Scientific Officer.

Jo has with a wealth of experience in scientific research and has worked in the lab doing pre-clinical research as well as in education, dissecting complex scientific information.

“I am a scientist and an educator with over 18 years of research experience and 10 years of teaching. “I have worked on a variety of diseases including cancer and taught in schools and colleges, mostly to students who have English as a second language. From this diverse background I have learnt how to explain complex scientific ideas in a format that is more accessible to everyone, and I routinely practice on my long-suffering husband! I have also worked in the lab carrying out pre-clinical research.

“I am now looking forward to helping families understand what Batten Disease is, how the diagnosis will impact their lives and help them get the support they need. I will also be using my scientific knowledge to create links to other groups and scientists in order to keep up to date with all of the information and research related to Batten Disease and communicate this in a way that allows our families to understand everything that being done to help them.

Welcome to the team Joanne!

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