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As you may know it is possible for the BDFA to claim from HM Government a 25% “booster” for donations made under Gift Aid – so if you donate £10 we can claim a further £2.50 from HMRC.

Various conditions apply and we would hugely appreciate it if we can meet those rules and claim the extra.

Co-op and Santander banks and PayPal: we need you to give us the information required by HMRC to permit a manual claim demonstrating that you are a UK taxpayer please.  As a consequence of the GDPR legislation ALL historic Gift Aid information and approvals have expired.  To avoid the postage costs of using forms as in the past we have created a new facility for this information at which we need to link to the actual receipts.  If you have a standing order (SO) to us each month please indicate the information you give on the payment on your SO, the date of payment each month and the amount then we can tie them up to make the claims.

Irregular or varying payments: if you make irregular or varying payments – again please use the form at to enable us to maximise the Government’s contribution to our activities.

Facebook, Just Giving:  please fill in the additional information requested when making a donation that is needed to demonstrate that you are a UK taxpayer.  Many donors are saying that they are UK taxpayers but not adding the name and address information to enable claims to be made, the above three sites all provide the facility for this information to be entered – please do.  It has to be made on each and every donation for onward submission.  The claims are largely automated and the funds attributed to the same destination as the original donation when the Gift Aid is received.

Thank you for your donations and please help us maximise the additional Gift Aid we may claim.

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For one week only during the Big Give Christmas Challenge, (Tuesday 28th November- Tuesday 5th December) our donate button will redirect you to our campaign page to make your donation which will be DOUBLED!

 Thank you for doubling your donation!