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United in our fight against Batten disease
Family Foundations and Joint Fundraising with BDFA

We all know that meeting the needs of children and families living with Batten disease are enormously challenging and many people are keen to help families fundraise to meet those needs.  A number of families have approached us to jointly fundraise for their own needs and for the work of the BDFA to enable us to continue to support and advocate for families and to directly fund research both in the UK and worldwide.

If you have any questions or would like more details please get in touch with the fundraising team at

The BDFA are currently working with the following groups:

Battle Batten – The Dawkins family, raising awareness and fundraising for research into CLN5 disease.

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abel’s Sparkle –  The Lewis family, raising awareness,  fundraising for the BDFA and their family

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The Nicole Rich Foundation – The Rich family, raising awareness, and fundraising for CLN2 research and their family

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Batten Fighters Forever – The Hover family raising awareness, and fundraising for the BDFA, CLN3 research and their family.

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Make a donation:

To make a donation to the BDFA please click the button below which will take you Paypal.

All donations help us to provide the best support we can to families affected by Batten Disease.

Please do leave us a note about the donation or fundraising so we know what you have been

doing to support us and who to thank.

Thank you for your support.