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Sarah Kenrick

Sarah is a Registered Nurse for people with Learning disabilities and has worked in the health and social care sector for over 40 years, 20 of which were as Registered Manager for SeeAbility’s Heather House in Hampshire providing specialist long term residential support for young people and adults with complex disabilities, rare diseases and, in particular, CLN3 Batten Disease.

Following a move to Scotland, Sarah continued to work with SeeAbility in the role of Family Liaison for CLN3. Over the years Sarah has been able to present papers at a variety of national and international conferences, with subjects from the rights of children with disabilities, through to understanding and supporting behaviours for people with CLN3. Sarah has previously supported the BDFA as a trustee until 2015, and since April 2021 in a voluntary advisory role.

‘I am so blessed and humbled to be given such valuable knowledge and skills around CLN3, I have developed this knowledge thanks to all the amazing adults and young people with CLN3 and their families who I have cared for, supported and learned from in the past 30 years. You have helped me to develop, not only as a Nurse, but also has a person.

Batten is complex and at times hard to understand, but the children and people I have worked with have been infectious in their joy and desire to embrace life. I cherish the gifts they have given to me.’

Sarah lives in Aberdeenshire with her partner and rescue dog Taz. In her spare time Sarah enjoys baking, gardening and bird watching.

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