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11954581_992714017416741_7771727011155337675_nThe BDFA is delighted to announce that the BATCure Research Consortium headed up by Dr Sara Mole at University College London has been awarded an EU Horizon2020 Innovation Grant of 6 million Euros to investigate potential therapies for CLN3, CLN6 and CLN7. The BDFA are proud to be centrally placed to represent the vital role of affected families and patients in this research and to work with these highly committed and outstanding researchers to bring our dream of therapies for these diseases that bit closer.

Dr Mole and Heather Band (BDFA Scientific Officer) will be presenting further information about the research project at our annual conference in October and this will also be made available in the BDFA newsletter and on our website.

This project truly represents the fact that together we WILL make a difference.

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