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Invitation to Dr Claire Russell’s Lab at Royal Veterinary College, London Friday 25th September 2015 11am-4pm Royal College Street London NW1 0TU

Recreating NCL (Batten disease) in animals allows us to understand what processes go wrong in the disease and enables the testing of new therapeutic approaches. In particular, zebrafish have unique features which make them easy to study and manipulate to help us to better understand these diseases.

Thanks to BDFA funding, Dr Russell and her research assistant, Gini Bricknell have developed CLN2 (Late Infantile) and CLN3 (Juvenile) models and with further BDFA funding are now working to identify approved drugs that will improve the disease in the CLN2 (Late Infantile fish) and eventually translate to humans. This project uses Daniovision locomotion equipment purchased by the BDFA with funds raised by the Freeman family in memory of the daughter Katie who had CLN2 disease.

We would like to invite you to join us at the lab day to meet the researchers and see, first hand, this valuable work into these diseases.

If you would like to attend this event, please complete a registration form and return to Lucy Roose – by Friday 18 September 2015.

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